Young GOP Picks Vandenberg 1948 'Best Republican'

Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg has been named by the Harvard Young Republican Club as the "Republican Who Rendered the Greatest Service to the Nation in 1948."

The senior senator from Michigan was chosen for the honor in a poll conducted by the Planning Committee of the club among its 400 members. Jay E. Jansen '50, president, announced the choice last night.

Vandenberg was cited for "his selfless devotion to the cause of a just peace, his leadership in the bi-partisan foreign policy, and his historic contribution to the political and military unity of the Atlantic Community."

Received GOP "Nomination"

Vandenberg's selection is the second time that a Harvard group has singled him out for party honors. In May of last year he was given the GOP presidential "nomination" at a mock Republican convention.

About 800 students turned out then in one of the biggest student demonstrations of the year to name him as their Republican standard bearer.