Budding Blackstones Wanted For 'Blind Date' Video Show

If there are any stalwart Law School worthies unintelligent enough still to be sweltering within reading distance of this item who desire to play a canto or two of "ring around the habeas corpus," or "tibia, tibia, who's got the fibula" with a trio of Cornell Medicos all for the love of a lady, let them apply forthwith to the CRIMSON Building.

In understandable English, the above is a request for three law students to participate in the "Blind Date" television show. On the program they will compete with the budding sawboneses from Ithaca for the privilege of squiring some lovelies on an expense-paid blind date.

God only knows why they want law students for long distance pandering when they can have CRIMSON editors . . . . but then, it takes all kinds.