Soccer Squad at Tufts Tomorrow For Opening Tilt

Although the varsity eleven will be at Baker Field, the local area won't be entirely devoid of Crimson action tomorrow. Five miles away at Medford, Bruce Munro's soccer team will open its 1949 season against Tufts.

Neither team at this stage appears the decided favorite. Although the Crimson last year shut out Tufts, 5 to 0, Coach Munro has lost most of his best linemen through graduation. The defense, headed by captain-goalie Whoop Batchelder, will be Harvard's strongpoint.

Munro yesterday picked out a tentative first line which included Ben Goldstein, Vern Dremhel, Jon Spivak, Charlie Weiss, and John Harvey. The team will get in a final workout this afternoon at its Business school Field headquarters.