Yard Eleven Battles Varsity; Blitz Goes to Wingback Slot

Henry Lamar led his freshman football squad into the varsity's practice enclosure for the first time this season yesterday, and for 45 minutes Lloyd Jordan's three varsity elevens operated against the Yardlings' defense.

The varsity experienced little difficulty cracking the freshman line, but it should be noted that the Yardlings were using an Army-type defense which they learned on Monday and which was thus unfamiliar to them. By the time the second and third string varsity teams took over, the freshmen had settled down and were able to make the varsity extend itself for yardage.

The scrimmage was devoted entirely to sharpening the ground attack, and the varsity worked mainly from the T and winged-T. There were no definite lineup changes. Jerry Hillz, freshman fullback last year who started the fall at tallback and then went back to full, ran briefly at wingback with the first team. Then he returned to the third loan with quarter-back Hardy Cox, fullback Bob Peters, and tallback Dick Duback.

Sedgwick Hurt

Duke Sedgwick, who started offensively against Cornell, suffered a bruised shoulder against the Big Red and was unable to scrimmage. His outside tackle position was filled by Phil Connelly yesterday and the rest of the first team remained constant.

Prior to the scrimmage, the varsity tested its pass defense against jayvee-thrown aerials while Carroll Lowenstein; Cox, and Bobby Ray passed against a jayvee defense. Bill Healey, who has been out all fall with a leg injury, worked out as a pass receiver but Jordan stated that he is not yet ready to play.