Fading Oriental Sage Sees Army Mired in Local Paddy

"Fuqua-ing out loud," lamented the Sage, Flick-ing his cigarette and Storck-ing his stove. He gave Orders to his sidekick for a Stahura Shookey and settled back with this Oriental brew.

"Watsey matter? I Cain't Thleme to see what will Detar us, for we have a Stone-like forward Volonnine-if good Book-ersup to Mackey-dets Peytonshun. To be Shira, it won't be even-Stephenson; they have a good Guardino and a Stout Hart-ed leader."

The Disciple sipped meditatively on the Brain. "No sy-Malavasi-Ilation I," he declared. "We are Inman and I do not hesitate to Hass-ard a Guess. The game will be a cr-Ackerson, but I Balse my prediction on of-Fischi information.