Harriers, Led by Gregory, Run 1st Test This Season

Dave Gregory, Johnny White, and Dave Cairns fulfilled cross-country coach Jaakko Mikkola's prediction by finishing first, second, and third in yesterday's University handicaps around the two to three mile Soldiers Field course. These three along with nine others, and two alternates, will represent the varsity against Holy Cross and Rhode Island in next Saturday's initial meet.

"We have a good fighting chance to do well against strong opposition," Mikkola said. He added that both the varsity and freshman teams looked promising although it was still very early in the year though it was still very early in the year to tell. The Rams will have already raced in two meets. They will not have the services of Bob Black, last year's star, but Lister, followed by Negris, Ash, and McClay, make up a strong first four. Holy Cross was defeated by Dartmouth last weekend, but the Crusaders have one ace in Ahern.

Two Alternates

Al Master, Captain John Pankey, sophomores Pal Judy and Goddie Cooks, Jim Little, Clark Coggeshall, Ted Scudder, Steve Sharp, and sophomore John Kimball complete the first 12, in that order, with Owen Edmonds and Jim Downey the alternates.

The leaders of the freshmen, who raced a quarter of a mile shorter course than the varsity, were San Soucie, Maguire, Gerry, Phillips, Carroll, Richards, McInnis, Fishman, van Duyne, McConaghie, and Engs. These, along with Joyce, who did not race today, will make up the '54 team.