Thirty-Mile Winds Hold Both to Running Game

A favored Yale eleven, breaking out of scoreless tie in which the Crimson had held it for three periods, finally scored in the fourth period to take the decision.

The final score was Yale 14, Harvard 6.

Isenberg took the kickoff in the end zone. The ball was brought out to the 20. Harvard was using a single wing with John West at tailback and Tom Ossman at fullback. Carroll Lowenstein was on the bench as Harvard was facing into the wind. West went off the right side for no gain. West gained five yards outside strong side end Ossman fumbled, and recovered for no gain. O'Neill booted against the wind to the Harvard 47.

Yale cam out in its split T. Fullback Bob Spears gained 17 yards in three plays to put the ball on the Harvard 30. Halfback Martin went around right end for two, but fumbled and Harvard recovered on its own 26.

Ossman fumbled and recovered for a three-yard loss. Tailback John West went around right end for 12 yards, but a clipping penalty put the ball back on the 16. After two running plays had netted eight yards, O'Neill punted out of bounds on the Harvard 38.

Yale took over and right halfback Conway picked up eight yards in two plays. Yale center Charlie Brittingham was taken off the field on a stretcher. Rate recovered a Yale fumble for Harvard on its 34-yard line. Ossman stopped in center for no gain, went through tackle twice for a first down on the Harvard 45. After three plays had netted four yards. O'Neill punted 45 yards from scrimmage against the wind to the Yale six.

Spears immediately crashed through right guard for a first down for Yale. After an offside penalty, Senay raced around right end to the 16. Peters kicked to Wylie, who returned 12 yards to the Yale 43.

West fumbled and recovered on the first play, then went around right end to the Yale 46. Ossman gained one more and the first quarter ended with no score.

Second Quarter

Carroll Lowenstein came in for the first time and punted to Parcells, who was downed on the Yale 10. Senay went for a first down on two plays. Two offside penalties put the ball back on the Yale 11, but Senay carried all the way to the 30 on a beautiful run around right end. He then picked up five more for a first down on the 36. Conway and Senay picked up 13 yards for a first down on the Yale 49. Spears carried to the Harvard 48 and Senay to the 43. After a penalty and an incomplete pass by Tisdale, Peters kicked to the Crimson three. Lowenstein lost one yard, then kicked out to the Yale 47, a 51-yard punt with the wind.

Conway made nine yards on third down to the Harvard 45, and Spears bucked for a first down. Conway ran around left end to the 32. Hyde smothered a Tisdale bootleg for a two-yard loss. Spears missed first down by one yard on a buck, and Harvard took over on its 30.

West fumbled and recovered. Then Lowenstein took a pitchout around right end to the 34. Harvard now came up with the double wing formation for the first time since the Yale game of 1946 in the Stadium. Lowenstein passed to right end Ravreby for a first down, West gained two and Lowenstein made another first down. Lowenstein passed again to Ravreby for a first down on the Yale 32.

After two losses, Lowenstein hit Ravreby once more for a first down on the Yale 21. Two Lowenstein passes failed. On fourth down, Hyde attempted a field goal from the 20, but it was blocked, and Yale took over.

Spears gained 10 to the 24, and Senay circled right end to the Harvard 43, where Isenberg brought him down as the half ended in a scoreless tie.

Third Quarter

At the beginning of the second half George Emmon kicked off for Harvard with the wind behind him. Conway returned turned the kick to the 26. Yale went to the 50 in three plays. Conway went around left end to the Harvard 45 and illegal use of hand penalty put the ball back on the Yale 48. Senay went around right end again to the Harvard 45 for a first down. Spears went through right tackle for five more of the 37 and on the same play nine more to the 28. Conway cut inside left end where Isenberg stopped him on the 19.

Harvard moved the ball a little way, then Lowenstein kicked and Yale moved the ball up to the Crimson 49. The play remained around the middle of the field for the rest of the period, with the Elis marching down to the Harvard 43 as the period ended.

Fourth Quarter

On the first play of the last quarter, Senay took a lateral and ran 32 yards to the Harvard 10. After three plays, Senay went off left tackle for the first touchdown of the game at 1 minute 58 seconds of the final period. Bush's extra point kick was good and the score was 7-0.

Ossman fumbled the Yale kickoff. After two plays, Yale elected to try for a field goal which failed, and Harvard took over on its twenty.

Lowenstein's second long pass was complete to O'Neill on the 37, and on the next play Dave Warden with a thirty yard pass went all the way down the right side line for a Harvard touchdown at 10 minutes an 17 seconds of the last period. Dike Hyde missed the extra point.