Dates May Invade House Commons

Men with weekday dates and little money may have a place to spend the evening in the College if a special joint committee of House Committee members can make satisfactory arrangements.

The decision to look into the problem of providing a "recreation room" of some type, where students could take their dates after they are forced from their rooms by parietal rules, was made at a meeting of the House Committee chairmen last night in Adams House.

According to the tentative plan, the senior common rooms of some Houses would be used on an alternating basis, one House providing the room one night, another the next, and so forth, so that somewhere in the College a room would be available until late every night.

The rooms would be provided only on week nights, it was agreed, since there would be too much demand on Friday and Saturday nights for one room to be sufficient.

Each House chairman will appoint a man from his committee to a special group that will consult Housemasters and make arrangements for trying the service.