Annex Revises Lunchroom To Combat Debt of $2000

Radcliffe will revise the operation of the Agassiz House lunchroom next fall to balance off the present deficit, President Jordan announced yesterday. Jordan explained that during the last two years the lunchroom has piled up an annual loss of $2000 to the College.

All cooking equipment will be shifted from its present basement quarters to the lunchroom's first floor location to improve food dispensing conditions, Jordan stated. The College also plans to install more equipment in the lunchroom.

Lunchroom officials will also cut down the number of food items offered during the lunch hour starting next fall. The present main course (chosen by less than 20 percent of the students) will be eliminated, and the menu will be built up around soup, sandwiches, dessert, and milk products.

"By these methods," President Jordan said, "and a possible slight increase in lunchroom charges, we hope to bring the accounts into balance." Because of the lunchroom's importance, the College can afford to sustain a small loss, Jordan explained, but must still avoid a large one.

Jordan emphasized the need for greater use of the lunchroom by commuters and graduate students, for whom the facilities were designed. According to a recent estimate, only 25 percent of the commuters and a relatively small number of graduate students eat in the lunchroom.