Notifications of Acceptances Go to Prospective Freshmen

Letters notifying the Class of 1954 of admission to the College went into the mail last night, marking the earliest acceptance date in recent years. The class will have between 1125 and 1150 members.

Early notification was made possible this year because the College Board exams were taken on March 11, Richard M. Gummere, Chairman of the Admissions Committee, explained. Last year the test was held on April 9.

Gummer remarked he was pleased with the new arrangement since it enabled his Committee to complete its work before the Commencement rush.

Financial Aid Pamphlet

Included in each letter this year, along with the customary admission certificate, is a new simplified pamphlet explaining the College's policy on financial aid. Prepared by John U. Monro '34, director of the Financial Aid Center, the booklet discusses scholarships, job possibilities, and the College's new loan program.

Scholarship announcements this year are being made through the local Harvard Clubs in the various states. A complete list of scholarship winners is expected to be ready before Commencement.

Radcliffe mails out acceptances today. The Annex is notifying 260 women that their applications have been acted upon favorably, compared to 279 last year. Deadline for those accepted to indicate they will enroll in September is May 22.

Contrary to the Harvard system. 'Cliffe scholarship winners will receive notification of their award along with their admission certificate. Radcliffe scholarships will not be announced to the public until next week, however.

The size of incoming Harvard classes was reduced to the approximately 1100 figure last year.