Graduate Dorm Rooms Assigned To 85 Percent of Men Applying

Rooms in the graduate dormitories next year were allotted this week to about 85 percent of the students who applied for them from the Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences, Design, Education, and Public Administration. Room assignments are now being mailed out.

One-half of the 490 places available for men from these graduate schools were reserved for new students. One quarter of the space went to men now living in the existing halls, and the remainder was left for present students now living off-campus.

Assignment Procedure

No discrimination in assigning rooms was made against those persons who refused to sign a board agreement for the dining hall in the new Graduate Center. Previously, the graduate deans had said they might give preference to those signing board agreements.

The available places were divided on a proportional basis among the four graduate schools, and all the Design, Education, and Public Administration applicants received space within their school's quotas. The only GSAS men rejected were those who insisted on having single rooms.

Persons who did not receive a room have been given a priority rating and will get space as rooms become free.

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