Additional Names Hold Up War Memorial Completion

Installation of the University's World War II Memorial plaque (sketch above) will be delayed two or three months, architect Henry R. Shapley '10 disclosed yesterday, because new names have been added to the original list. The plaque was expected to be ready for dedication in the Memorial Chapel for the opening of College, but work on the actual carving of the names of Harvard's dead has not yet begun.

Shapley said the carvers should be able to begin immediately because the revised plans are finally complete. Work has been held up while the Corporation considered whether or not it would include the names of men who have died since V.J. Day from war injuries. The names of about ten men were finally added, but since they were disposed throughout the plaque according to their different classes, new, blueprints had to be drawn up.

Fortunately, no names had been carved when the revision was made, so there was no necessity for changes on the plaque itself. The marble slabs must be planned so that the junctions between them come in spaces between names without upsetting the order.