All Dining Halls Up Board Rates

Board rates for the fall term will jump 75 cents to $18.00 a week at the College and the Graduate center. At Radcliffe, there will be an increase of $15 per semester.

Vice-president Reynolds says board rates, unlike room rates, are subject to change without notice. However, he sees no new rise in the very near future.

The first news of Radcliffe's board hike came when the Council of Radcliffe mailed an announcement stating that it was raising rates to meet "advancing costs." Specifically, Dean Sherman explained that "the rapid rise in feed costs forced the board increase."

This is the first board increase in the University since 1948 when rates climbed, 75 cents to $12.25. Reynolds attributed the cause then to increased attributed the cause then to increased food, labor, and equipment costs in the dining halls.