Cadbury Revisited

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In the article on the Quaker visit to Russia which appeared in the CRIMSON October 13 ...the facts are several times misrepresented in such a way as to make them quite different from Mr. Cadbury's own statements. In the first sentence you quote,"...those who think Communism will be overthrown are merely wishful thinkers." Actually, Mr. Cadbury said there was little chance of its being overthrown from within, which is quite a different proposition. Again, the article states they "visited Russia by invitation," but fails to mention that the invitation had been previously asked for.

Relatively unimportant facts are made much of, while many important ones go unmentioned. You say that a talk with Malik "proved little." (The Quakers did not expect it would), but say nothing of the strange (for a police state) willingness of the common people to talk about politics, living standards, and their government. The attitude of the Russian people towards the U.S.--that we are a nation of downtrodden slaves, held in check by our capitalist masters--is never mentioned, nor is the Russian emphasis on monetary reward. Facts about Russia are hard enough to obtain; when bona fide ones are available, they should be reported fairly... Ken Emerson '53