Civil Service Careers Praised by Professor

Charles R. Cheering '35, acting dean of the School of public Administration, yesterday urged all students interested in Federal service to take the Junior Management Assistant and Junior Professional Assistant examinations, scheduled for December 8.

Last year's examination drew criticism locally because none of the 12 Racine girls who took the test qualified. According to Cheering, who helped conduct an investigation, only two of the girls involved had Dean's List ranking and that, he believes, accounted for their poor showing.

In preparing for the tests, Cheering said the following courses would help: Government 150, Government 155, and Government 157.

Although the tests are very competitive, Cheering thought that any student here majoring in the social sciences, and particularly those on the Dean's List, would have a good chance.

"A very small percentage of Harvard students show an interest in government service, although many are very qualified, "he said.