Holcombe to Go to Belgium This January

Will Lecture in Spring of '52 At College Which Trains Men For European Unification

Arthur N. Holcombe '06, Eaton Professor of Science and Government, will leave the United States on January 23 to accept a post as lecturer at the College d'Europe in Belgium.

The College is training graduate students from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and Holland as future administrators in the proposed federation of Europe.

Holcombe announced last night that he had cancelled his two spring term courses. Government 103, and Government 223, a graduate study of American political institutions.

Winkler Takes Over

Harold Winkler, former professor of Political Science at the University of California at Berkeley who resigned last year rather than sign the loyalty oath, will take over Government 103. Winkler lectured at the University last spring after he left California. Government 223 will be discontinued this spring.

The College d'Europe is operated in Belgium under the auspices of the Council of Europe, an independent organization directed by Paul Henri Spaak, Belgian Foreign Minister.

The Council is the most powerful of the organizations seeking a united Europe. Its headquarters are in Belgium, but it includes branches and supporters from all the free continental countries.

Operating for the first time last year, the College d'Europe takes a quota of graduate students from the universities of each country, with the purpose of creating a standing group of administrators who could be called upon to head a United European government.

Returns Next Fall

The staff of the College includes lecturers from all the European countries and visiting lecturers from organizations such as the E.C.A., which deal with Europe as a united political body. Holcombo will deliver a series of special lectures on federal government.

Commenting on the possibility of a United Europe, Holcombe expressed hope last night that such a move will be forth-coming. He also revealed that he would be back next September to take over his fall courses at the University.