HTG Heads Meet To Discuss Plans For HDC Merger

The possibility of a merger between the Harvard Theatre Group and the Harvard Dramatic Club became a step closer to fact yesterday afternoon when the HTG announced that it would bring the question before a full membership meeting tomorrow.

In the event that the HTG membership should favor the plan, a delegation from the HDC has been appointed to negotiate with its former rival at a Crimson Key meeting scheduled for tomorrow night.

The HDC committee was selected at a Tuesday election meeting when a constitutional amendment was passed giving the new officers the power to negotiate in the event that the HTG proved receptive.

Informed sources in both organizations yesterday declared that the possibility of a completed merger was enhanced by the fact that two recent productions, running simultaneously, did not live up to financial expectation. A plan for a joint production this fall, "Billy Budd," was abandoned over the summer.

Lamont D. Copeland '54 was elected HDC president at Tuesday's meeting.