Richards Skates in Olympic Trials; Button Already Named to '52 Team

Indianapolis Ice Tryouts

Harvard will be well represented today at the Olympics Figure Skating Championships at Indianapolis with 1948 Olympic Champion Dick Button and Junior National Champion Dudley Richards both performing.

Button, a senior, will not actually compete, since he has already been named to the team. Richards, a sophomore, will be trying for a trip to Norway while Button does exhibitions.

Button, winner of the 1949 Sullivan award for the outstanding amateur athlete in the country, will leave for Garmisoh-Partenkirchen, Germany, where he will practice for the Olympics, which are scheduled for the second week of February.

He will defend his world's championship for the fourth consecutive year in Paris and then go on a long exhibition tour of Asia and Europe, returning in the spring.

Co-winner of the Francis H. Burr scholarship given to the outstanding scholar athlete in the senior class, Button has been taking courses in the summer for two years and has more credits than he needs to graduate. He plans to study for his finals on the trip and return in time to take them.

The third College skating title holder, freshman Frank Nelson, Mid-Western novion champion last year, announced his intention of entering the Eastern junior singles competition in Philadelphia in February, Nelson and Radcliffe sophomore Sidney Foster will compete for the "Silver Dance" trophy there.