170 Flood Council Office Asking ROTC Increase

Stark Says Showing Indicates Demand for Enlarged Units; '53 Sends Most Applicants

The Student Council office was flooded yesterday afternoon by 170 sophomores and freshmen who were eagerly hoping for possible further expansion of the College's R.O.T.C. unit, David E. Stark '52 announced last night.

The turnout was in response to Dean Watson's statement Monday that if enough freshmen and sophomores showed interest, the Administration might request enlargement of the College's Field Artillery unit.

14 Percent Would Leave College

Forty-five people were waiting when the doors opened at 1:00 p.m. Fourteen percent of the 125 who had arrived and were interviewed later in the afternoon stated that if they could not enter R.O.T.C. here they planned to transfer to another college where R.O.T.C. units would have openings.

Five out of every six applicants were sophomores. Council President Richard M. Sandler '52 last night announced that he expected a total of 250 to 350 registrants by the time the poll closes at 5 p.m. today. He will then present the results to the Administration for consideration and possible recommendations.

If students planning to transfer continue to apply at the present rate, the College stands to loss about 40 students due to lack of R.O.T.C. openings here. While this would be a severe financial loss to the College, the figure may be considerably smaller if the new draft law provides for liberal deferment of college students.

Expansion Unlikely This Term

Although further expansion of R.O.T.C. here is probably unfeasable this term, the Council hopes that the large turnout will bring strong University recommendations for enlargement as soon as possible.

Registration will be open again this afternoon at the Student Council office in Phillips Brooks House from 1 to 5 p.m.