Hollanders Send Request for Two Tickets on University's Moon Trip

The Student Council, which last year received a "gudlie haggis" from Scotland, yesterday got an application from Holland for two tickets to the moon.

The request came from a 21-year-old electro-technician and a 23-year-old accountant in Haarlem, who pointed out that they had "read something about the journey to the moon" and asked for immediate reservations.

Addressed to the "Interplanetary Booking Office of Frank Forrester, Harvard University, New York," the letter was delivered Monday to the International Activities Committee of the Student Council, which promotes an exchange of correspondence between American and foreign students.

"On the earth," said the letter, "we don't expect anything good."

"So we will ask you to send us two tickets, so that we know that our places are reserved whenever the journey is possible."

Carl Sapers '53, chairman of the Commttee, did not know just how the letter got to Harvard.

A possible explanation of the letter concerns an exhibit put on last fall by the Hayden Planetarium. As a publicity stunt to attract children to the show the Planetarium offered reservations on the first rocket flight to the moon.