Leverett 'Frees' Gore in Blitzkrieg, Sets up Puppet 'People's Republic'

Leverett House marched its Bunny and chiefs of staff into Gore courtyard yesterday and freed it "from the tyranny of a corrupt alien government." Not a shot was fired.

David Binder '53 staked Leverett's claim onto the Winthrop House sod with the sign: "People's Republic of Gore Hall, Leverett House."

While a handful of apathetic Puritans looked on, Binder announced that "we hereby reclaim what is our own, Gore Hall, and by these signs and tokens, establish the People's Republic of Gore Hall under the benevolent protection of Leverett House.

"Men of Gore! You are free! Let us march together as one people: McKinlock, Mather, and Gore!"

He added that "The educational and cultural attaches of Leverett House will bring you the blessings of freedom and democracy." The Hutch's provisional government then left Gore unopposed, less than five minutes after it had entered.

Meanwhile, Sydney W. Jackman, teaching fellow in English and a tutor at Winthrop, charged that President Leverett's property--in 1700--didn't go further south that Massachusetts Avenue. "We've been in the archives too," said Jackman.

Binder replied that "it is customary to find some unenlightened nationalist resistance once a country is liberated, but we shall pay no attention to it."