Tribune's Man Spends Day Sizing Up Political Groups

News stories about political opinion at Harvard is what the Chicago Tribune is after in Cambridge, William Fulton, the Trib's northeast correspondent, admitted yesterday.

Fulton, armed with a list of "Reducators at Harvard," also said he intended to do a story for his paper about President Conant. The reporter stated he felt the President's listing in the "Reducators" pamphlet was unwarranted but he suggested that "Conant is kind of a globalist, isn't her?"

Second to Communism, internationalism is the greatest political sin to Colonel Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the Tribune.

The Colonel's reporter spent yesterday investigating the nature and activities of College political groups, especially the Liberal Union, the Young Progressives, and the John Reed Club. He also questioned individual students about whether or not they had over encountered Communists among their fellow students.

Unlike his predecessor, Eugene Griffin, the Tribune's reticent Ottawa correspondent, who three years in a row came to Harvard to look for "red tinges on the Ivy," Fulton talked amiably about his task. He said that State Representative E. J. Donlan, of West Roxbury, had given him a list of the leftist affiliations of Kirtley Mather, professor of Geology, that "was an arm long."

Fulton yesterday expected to spend several more days in Cambridge before going to Yale to got a story about Thomas Emerson, Yale professor of Law and president of the allegedly leftist National Lawyers Guild.

Harvard men, Fulton though after two days, "are very loyal to their college and President Conant, aren't they?"