Occasionally the calloused thumb of an exchange editor is arrested in its perambulations through the weekly stacks of newsprint by an item to make the hand pause, the eye light, and the mind reel. As a public service we reprint parts of the following lead editorial from The Technique, semi-weekly spokesman of Georgia Tech. and self-designated as "The South's Livellest College Newspaper."


Again the American public is being fed a pack of corrupt lies about the life of an average college student. This time it is through the medium of a motion picture, or more specifically, through "Take Care of My Little Girl." For the information of those who have not yet seen the picture we might say that if this picture had been produced for any other purpose than to make money, this other purpose would have to have been the complete degradation of not only sororities and fraternities, but of the entire American university system. To the college student, the rotten insinuations and ideals presented by this movie are simply a joke, but strangely enough, the American public is always inclined to believe the things that they see on the screen at the neighborhood theatre.

We are now faced with another type of harm that may result from a picture of this nature. We all realize that if the producers of this movie think that they might make a few more dollars by sending this picture overseas, they will waste no time in doing so.

Not many things would please our "friends" in Moscow more, for it is this type of movie that shatters the faith that the people of other countries of the world have in Americanism. Just how untimely can a thing be? . . .

With taxes being increased, both nationally and locally, the American public is now inspecting Congressional spending with a much more critical eye. We wonder what the American people would do or want to do, if they knew just how much of their money might be spent in vain through the Marshall Plan in a country that had been disillusioned as to the American way of life by "Take Care of My Little Girl. . ."