Prospective Crew Candidates Meet Bolles and Love

Over 100 candidates for the heavy and 150-pound varsity crews turned out last night to hear new head coach Harvey Love, 150's coach Bert Halnes, and Athletic Director Thomas D. Bolles explain the 1950-51 rowing program. Love welcomed the candidates and announced that Fall crew practice would start on the Charles today. No changes from last year's policy are expected.

Ex-coach Bolles spoke of the 1948 Olympic trials in which the Crimson heavies were eliminated, and said that this spring the eight-oared races would be run off last instead of first. He pointed out that Harvard's crew would have a better chance this year, as the fourmile race is earlier--June 20, a day before the Poughkeepsie Regatta in which Crimson opponents compete--leaving a longer time to prepare for the Olympic sprint.