'Science Pioneers Needed': Conant

Until a positive world disarmament is effected, the free nations must find and develop "scientific pioneers" to work on long range armament developments, President Conant said in a foreword to the National Science Foundation's first report delivered to Congress yesterday.

Stating that the United States was lagging behind other European nations in developing these "pioneers," Conant remarked that it was one of the prime functions of the Foundation to "right this balance."

Conant, former chairman of the National Science Board, which formulates Foundation policy, declared that urgently needed weapons must be given high priority, but that "this country also must remain in scientific readiness over a long period of years." It is in this latter phase that "the program of basic research to be supported by the National Science Foundation can be most effective."

This first report of the Foundation, established in 1950, was transmitted to Congress by President Truman, who expressed satisfaction with its progress, saying that its results "far outweigh its cost."