City Puts Pinch On 8 Night Spots

Eight Boston night spots closed shop last week--until they mended their ways--as a result of a city clean-up campaign but so far only one dive of interest to students. The College Inn, has suffered under the new edicts.

"Bold" strip teasers and female impersonators were banned as well in a Friday dictum but so far no axe seems to have fallen on the Old Howard, a favorite student haunt.

The drive followed a charge by Archbishop Richard J. Cushing that some Boston clubs were "serving sex on a silver platter."

Immediately Mayor John B. Hines issued orders to clamp down and then issued the Friday command following a conference with state and city police, the Boston Licensing Board, and the city censor.

"The Licensing Board will take drastic action in the case of any establishment which permits the portrayal of sex perversion in any form," Hynes said, "and will hold the owners of such establishments to the primary duty of regulating this type of entertainment."