Another Senator Blasts Professors For Liberty Drive

Senator Karl Mundt (R-S.D.) unleashed the second attack in two nights upon three University professors who signed the 1952 Civil Liberties Appeal. In a statement issued through Republican National Headquarters, he charged that signers Archibald MacLeish, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory; Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr., Henry Lee Higginson Professor of History; and Mark A. DeWolfe Howe '28, Professor of Law, have been listed by the House Un-American Activities Committee as associated with Communist fronts.

Yesterday, the three were blasted by Senator William E. Jenner (R. Ind.) as "pink boys" who "hate America."

Money Pours In

Jenner's attack had apparently backfired, at least in Cambridge, Schlesinger reported he had "received almost 20 telephone calls during the day from complete strangers" who wanted to know where to send their checks. Others came to his home in person to hand him funds to be used for the opponents of Jenner and Senator Joseph C. McCarthy (R. Wis.) and for the campaign of Senator William Renton (D-Conn.)