Edo Marion Replaces Peroy As Varsity Fencing Mentor

Edo Marion, a Yugoslavian Doctor of Aeronautical Engineering, takes over as the new varsity fencing coach, the H.A.A. announced yesterday.

He succeeds Rene Peroy, who retired at the close of last season.

Marion holds a distinguished record in international competition, having partaken in world championships for four consecutive years and spearheaded the Yugoslav team in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He was Yugoslav National Senior Champion in 1933, '34, '35, and '36.

Club Coach

His coaching experience has been confined to club competition, but in Europe, with tremendous interest in fencing, the champions usually come from the club ranks.

Arriving at Harvard on Monday, Marion has only had a brief look at his charges. In an interview with the CRIMSON last night, he stated that he definitely will not attempt to make any changes in the style of fencing taught to the veterans by Peroy, but will indoctrinate newfencers to his own techniques.

Marion is a graduate of the University of Ljubljana in Prague. He was an assistant professor of Engineering there for three years before going to Rome to study aeronautical engineering. He received his Ph.D. in 1942. Because he refused to aid the Nazi aeronautical program, he was imprisoned in Rome for seven months. He was released finally for lack of sufficient evidence, but told that he could not leave Rome.