Champion Squash Team to Defend US Title at Yale

Crimson squashmen will sock their second consecutive national team championship this weekend at New Haven, when they meet Hartford tomorrow in first round play.

But without number one man Charlie Ufford, who will enter national singles competition at the same time, and regular number four man Muggy Mugasuth, who has the mumps, the Crimson may not be favored. Dave Watts will play number one tomorrow, with Captain Jim Bacon at two. Wis Wood will be in the third slot, Alty Flagg at four, and Dave Symmes at five.

Crimson entries have not won both singles and team championships since 1932, but Coach Jack Barnaby thinks a double victory for his men may still be possible this year, in spite of the squad's weakened condition.

The varsity "C" team whipped the Union Boat Club, 5 to 0, yesterday, to win the Massachusetts State Squash Racquets title. Middlesex trimmed the freshman "D" team, 4 to 1.