College Renovates Transept

Memorial Hall's gloomy transept is now undergoing its first redecoration job in 30 years.

For a month, workmen from the Department of Buildings and Grounds have been scraping and washing the walls and ceiling of the transept, which divides Memorial Hall and Sanders Theatre, to prepare the surfaces for painting. The ceiling, now a dull mahogany from age, will be restored to its original reddish-gold wood stain, while walls will be painted buff brown with colored striping.

A cause of concern to on-lookers has been the gold Latin inscriptions along the lower parts of the walls, which painters were forced to scrape off to lay bare the wood beneath. Cecil A. Roberts, superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, assured the CRIMSON yesterday that the inscriptions, commemorating the University Civil War dead, will be restored exactly like the originals.

Roberts estimates that total costs for the job will be about $10,000. He expects the work to be completed by the first or second week of April.