Speech Students Will Talk Politics

Final exams will take place before an audience in the Lamont Forum Room at 7 p.m. tonight, when five undergraduates participate in an English Q "Election Year" Colloquium. The five, members of Associate Professor Frederick C. Packard's advanced Public Speaking course will be graded on their 30 minute talks on 1952 campaign issues.

Thomas V. Gaydos '54 will open the program with "Our Stake in the invisible Government:" Harry L. Senger, Jr. '53 will follow with "Look Out! Propaganda Ahead!" and the next speaker, Robert C. Mello '53, will offer "Corruption, U.S.A."

After a brief intermission, Laurence D. Stifel '52 will talk on "Free Economy in Jeopardy," and Burton G. Malkiel '53 will close the evening with "American Showcase, 1952."