Crime Comp Open Thursday

Would-be avente-garde novelists, hard-bitten newspapermen, best-selling authors presidents of these Unites States, and just plain students are advised that the CRIMSON competitions, ideal training for these occupations, will begin Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Number 14 Plympton St.

Sophomores, juniors, and even bored, non-honors seniors will be welcome at the beer-bloated comp opening. All four boards--news, editorial, business, and photographic--are open to the newcomers.

Despite the fact that many CRIMSON editors end up in some branch of the writing profession, the majority graduate to such positions as doctor, lawyer, businessmen, president of Harvard (James Bryant Conant '14) and president of the United States (Franklin D. Roosevelt '04). For those with literary aspirations who are more attracted to local magazines it is pointed out that for the past three years the CRIMSON has won the Dana Reed award for the best place of writing in an undergraduate publication.