Unlucky Guess Results in Crowded 'Cliffe Quarters

Three freshmen are now living in a first floor Moors Hall guest room, due to an unlucky guess about the number of summer withdrawals from Radcliffe. Fourteen other students are also housed in emergency quarters.

Crowding into their cluttered single room are (left to right) Charlan Edmundson '56, Barbara Lamb '56, and Dorothy H. Martin '56. Their room, which formerly housed head resident Mrs. Katherine Fernstrom, still contains a burglar alarm and signal for the night watchmen.

Similar tripling has occurred in the Cabot Hall guest room and in three Holmes Hall doubles. Four freshmen and two transfer students are staying in private homes, and five freshmen now live in Henry House, a sophomore off-campus dorm.

Last year Dean Moser provided 14 extra places in the brick dormitories for a similar overflow. The extra space still is being used.

Since room assignments are made in the spring, miscalculations occur in the number of marriages, room and board jobs, and academic withdrawals.