McCarthy Rooters Send CRIME 'Pan Mail' For Challenge to Senator On Red Charge

Last July, the Senate of the United States was treated to an exhibition of the letter-writing skill of the supporters of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy Senator Mike Monroney (D. Okia.) had received this mail when he questioned the propriety of McCarthy's investigation of top-secret Central Intelligence Agency, Among other things, Monroney was called a "Red," a "scum bag," a "traitor," a "rat" and a "nozzle-head." Since the CRIMSON'S editorial telling McCarthy to "put up or shut up" on his charge about Communist professors at Harvard was reported nationally and internationally we have been getting some "pan mail" from some of these people. Some of it is reproduced below:

'Social Give-Me's'


Your Editorial clearly is in line with the general policy of Harvard and your new President will not give it additional greatly achieved greatness for he too long has pussy-footed on dangerous ground.

Harvard has long forgotten how to teach fundamentals of loyalty and construction but leans to Social give-me's continually seeking loop-holes for its excuses for the tearing down of great ideals.

Should Harvard cease to function today its part in Community activities would not even be missed for it co-operates with no one. Ruth Davis   Boston

'Unsavory Record'

Dear Adolescent:

Some of your Profs are on probation. Why?

Read Sidney Hook in New York Times Magazine of Nov. 1st.

Harvard, Columbia, California, Chicago et al have a very unsavory record on reds.

I refer you to Harvard Alumni Bulletin of Feb 7, 1953. Statements by Prof's Chaffee Jr. and Sutherland.

Any hurt Harvard has suffered is because of inertia in the face of the obvious.

The whole trouble started in 1953 when that Great Harvard grad F.D.R. recognized Russia. The average man on the street knew better.   (unsigned)

'Death to Traitors'