'Cliffe Library Begins Numbered Slip System For Reserving Books

A priority system for reserve book applications will go into effect this week at the Radcliffe library, thereby saving the traditional reserving method from extinction.

Under the new system, numbered slips will be provided for students who wish to reserve books up to three days in advance. The numbering is designed to prevent the recent confusion caused by a flood of duplicate slips for a limited number of copies.

On Monday, the Radcliffe Student Council voted to abolish the system of reserving unless an effective priority system could be established. The Council suggested a time clock which would stamp both the date and time on the slip when deposited.

New System Cheaper

Yesterday, Miss Ruth Porritt, head librarian, set up the numbering system which will be considerably cheaper than the time clock method.

Lois Dickson '54, Council president, last night said, "The present reserving system will continue indefinitely unless there is another serious breakdown. If this occurs, the privilege will have to be revoked."