PBH Requests Undergrads to Invite Foreign Students Home for Holidays

With only 22 days left till Christmas and the holly already hung along Massachusotts Avenue, more than 800 students from abroad are silently wondering where they'll eat Christmas trukey and plum pudding.

Realizing this need, Neil Hasstie '52. Graduate Secretary of Phillips Brooks House, yesterday appealed to undergraduates for hospitaltty over the holidays.

Directing his plea to the College. Hastle pictured the plight of foreign students with few American friends the student dying to spend the Christmas holiday in an American home.

And, as a solution to this problem, Hastie outlined the plans of a new PBH committee which hopes to bring together these invitationless students and future American hosts.

Liaison Committee

The committee will act as a sort of Haison office, telling interested undergrads the names of Australian, Indian, and

Canadian students without Christmas invitations. Once-the undergraduate finds a prospective guest, the committee, losing its catalytic function, leaves it up to the host to personally invite his guest.

The PBH Committee, under the direction of David Dorson '56, will collaborate with the International Student Center-already planning special holiday parties and tours through Boston-in sending out letters describing the plan to the foreign students. These go out Dec. 10. Mean-while, the committee has posted sign-up sheets in the Houses and advised the House Committees of its program