Kaufman Named Head In Law Review Voting

After a 26-hour election conference yesterday, the members of the Harvard Law Review elected Andrew Kaufman '51, 2L, president. Kaufman, of Newark, N.J. and formerly of Lowell House, will lead the publication's activities next year.

The decision was made on the fourth ballot, by an elimination process. Thirty-two graduating members met at Phillips Brooks House at 2 p.m. on Saturday to discuss the second-year students on the publication. The second-year men eliminated on each ballot joined the group, and at 4 p.m. Sunday the final decision was made.

The rest of the editorial board has not yet been named. The other posts will be filled by men chosen by the new president with the advice of the present board. The standing of the men in the election will also be considered in the decision.

The other positions include Article Editor, two Note Editors, two Case Editors, a Book Review Editor, Treasurer, and Developments Editor. The Harvard Law Review is published monthly from November to June, and its present president is Ray Falls.