University Gifts Total Over 3 Million for Fall

College Given Most; B-School Is Second For Final Quarter

The University totaled $3,507,418.31 in gifts during the final quarter of 1952, it was revealed yesterday.

High in this sum was the $256,848.30 given to the Divinity School during September, October, and November. The College attracted $732,192.88 in bequests and gifts, while the School of Business Administration received more than any other graduate school--$557,589.87.

Included in Divinity's total was $50,000 from David Chrysler and $105,000 from David Rockefeller.

There was also a $250,000 bequest to the school from the late Mrs. Thomas W. Lamont, but it is contingent upon Divinity raising at least $3,750,000 in its current fund drive.

The Divinity School Endowment Fund is socking $5,000,000 for reorganization and expansion. After it raises $2,000,000, the school will pick a new dean and start adding to its faculty.

Design Gift slight

The Divinity School gifts were included in the $2,247,087.55 of capital funds for endowment received by the University. In addition, $1,260,330.76 was labeled for current use.

The Design school, badly in need of added endowment, ranked lowest among the graduate schools with only $635 for immediate use.

The School of Education, which started its new fund drive early in December, received only $19,387.