Plans to Raze Cowie Dining Hall Scrapped

Cowie Hall, the Business School's Dining Hall, will definitely not be razed next fall.

Contrary to an announcement last March, the Busy School has definitely decided to keep the building and use it to house office machinery such as I.B.M. machines, addressographs and duplicators, Assistant Dean Chapin of the Business School said yesterday.

Previously, the Busy School had planned to build in place of Cowie a driveway from Soldiers Field Road to the Business School parking lot and buildings. Chapin said the plan was scrapped as "too complicated and not desirable."

Kresge Opens in April

Chapin also announced that Kresge Hall, the new ultra-modern dining hall now under construction, will be opened temporarily the last week of April "so that second year men can use the building they have watched being built. We want to experiment with things like the washing machines and the best arrangement of tables," he explained.

Originally, Kresge was to be opened in September. Aldrich Hall, containing ultra-modern classrooms, is now in use and will be dedicated this June.

Cowie is a temporary structure, built during the last war when the Navy was using Business School grounds for training purposes. The School now owns Cowie and hopes to relieve the congestion in Morgan and Baker Halls by centralizing its office machinery.