Pusey's Election Announced; Talks to Alumni Today

Nathan Marsh Pusey '28 officially became the University's 24th president yesterday by a unanimous vote of the Overseers.

The final action on Pusey's election was taken at a special meeting of the governing board, lasting only 45 minutes.

He was elected by the Corporation, subject to Overseer confirmation, on Monday, June 1. Under University statutes, the Overseers had to wait at least six days before taking action on the Corporation's choice.

Pusey will take office on September 1, when James Bryant Conant becomes President-Emeritus. He will probably move into Cambridge around August 1st, after winding up his affairs at Lawrence College.

This morning, the new president attended Commencement Day exercises, where he remained with the Class of '28.

Pusey gives his first brief speech at the University to the alumni from the stage of the Tercentenary Theatre in Harvard Yard this afternoon. Charles C. Cabot '22, President of the Alumni Association, will introduce him.

Later, Conant will give the main alumni address.