Big Bass Drum to Be Present At Pre-Dawn Ithaca Serenade

Fast work, patience, and binder's twine were enough to rig the ailing Harvard Band drum into shape for the game today at Cornell. When the eight foot drum nearly collapsed two days ago, undergraduate Band manager Alan S. Novick '55 feared that the decaying instrument would stay home for the first time in 27 years.

"We're really going to take care of that drum," Novick said. So traveling with the Band will be a number of drum-guards and a specially padded truck to ward off any possible damage. Meanwhile, the Band members are on the lookout for a cow with enough skin to replace the present drumhead.

Although the bass drum is too delicate for noise making, Novick hinted that the Band would not be soundless when it rolled into Ithaca. "Perhaps Cornell will appreciate an early morning serenade this Saturday," he remarked. Last year the Band gave Yale a similar free concert in the dark, but, received little gratitude from students or police.