Passing the Buck

Tightest Defense in the League

Ivy Group statistics released last night lend added interest to the varsity eleven's game with Brown Saturday, for the Brains lead the league in team offense, while the Crimson has climbed to the top in team defense. Brown's lightning T-formation attack has averaged 352,1. yards per game, while the Crimson has been holding the opposition to only 218.2.

Yale is second in both categories--having gained about 50 yards less a game than Brown and giving up 16 more yards than the varsity. Until last Saturday's game with Army, the Elis led the Ivy Group in total defense and were first in the country in rushing defense.

* * * * *

A key man in the Crimson's tight defense, guard Bill Melgs, was among 11 players nominated by the Eastern intercollegiate Football Association as "unsung heroes" of last Saturday's games. His teammate, tackle Orville Tice, was on the E.I.F.A. list earlier in the season for his performance against Dartmouth.

* * * * *

Receiving less official but equally satisfying praise for his performance against Princeton was fullback Tony Gianelly. Tiger Coach Charlie Caldwell, while discussing the varsity, commented, "Take Gianelly out and they have nothing. He's got the weight, in fast as a son of a gun, and has the momentum."

* * * * *

In yesterday's practice, injured tailbacks Jim Joslin and Matt Botsford drilled along the sidelines, while the rest of the squad scrimmaged for about 30 minutes. Botsford passed and punted, apparently without harm to his bad elbow; Joslin ran in place and also punted in an effort to work out his charley horse.

Coach Lloyd Jordan emphasized that it was still too early toll if the injured players would be fully recovered by Saturday. But he added, "They're coming along very nicely."