Grays Tops Yard Standings At End of Fall Intramurals

Grays finished the fall season in first place in freshman intramural competition, although the team gained a second in the Freshman Cross: Country Meet Tuesday.

In the meet, Grays, led by Steve Clarke and Charles Currier, placed only 11 points behind the winning Lionel team. Although none of the Lionel runners finished among the first five, they were all consistently high enough to give the squad a low score of 43. This team effort enabled Lionel to end the fall a mere 2.5 points in back of fourth place Thayer Middle in the intramural competition.

Price Winner

Ulysses Yannas, of Thayer Middle, led his team to fourth place in the cross country run; he finished second after Jim Price, who won the race in 11:35.

Holworthy, while not doing so well in cross country, took the freshman touch football championship by winning ten straight games. The team, paced by Alvah Crocker and Bob Cleary, averaged 49.9 points per game, and limited the opposition to a scant ten point average. On the basis of this record, Holworthy is in second position in the intramural race.

Bob Montgomery, Ralph Luttman, and Gus Etroymson headed a well-balanced Wigglesworth West eleven whose 3-2 record was good for second place in the touch football league. Only a mediocre cross country showing prevented Wiggleworth from finishing higher than third in the final fall standings.

Grays' Record 7-2

Despite not playing one game, the Grays' touch team achieved a commendable seven won, two lost season's record. Lester Archambeau, Charles Jennings, and Charles Pennoyer played consistently well all year to lead the team to its third place league standing.

Fast and aggressive, Thayer Middle's touch team won six out of nine games to come in fourth in the league. And with the fourth place cross country showing, Thayer is now a meagre 1.5 points behind third place Wigglesworth West in the championship race.

The final fall standings in freshman intramural athletics are: 1, Grays; 2, Holworthy; 3, Wigglesworth West; 4, Thayer Middle; 5, Lionel; 6, Straus South; 7, Hollis; 8, Stoughton; 9, Thayer North; 10, Weld North; 11, Matthews South; 12, Matthews North; 13, Massachusetts; 14, Weld South; 15, Wigglesworth East; 16, Straus North; 17, Mower; 18, Dudley; 19, Apley; and 20, Thayer South.