Council Stops Move to Delay 3-Year Degree

The Student Council Steering Committee met with Dean Bundy yesterday to ask him to delay faculty approval of the Advanced Standing plan. But when Bundy told them what the plan was about they decided to withdraw their request.

Clifford L. Alexander '55, president of the Council, announced in a special release after his conference. "The main purpose of the plan is concerned with advanced standing."

The Council revealed that the admission of eleventh graders will be done on a very limited basis, affecting a very few carefully screened students. Also, advanced standing will depend on secondary school achievement and special placement exams.

Attempt to Inform

Some students, the Council announced, will be able to enter the sophomore year here. According to Dean Bundy, however, "this program will probably not run into double figures, at least at the beginning."

Alexander explained that the most important part of the proposals deal with "enabling" the undergraduate to work up to his maximum capacity.

Alexander also revealed that course reduction will actually be made available for students who have qualified for advanced standing. Also, certain general education courses may be waived to "facilitate the program." According to the Council statement the "underlying theory is to afford an opportunity for the student to pursue individual work of his own choice."

"We are attempting to present to you the information Dean Bundy readily made available to us. Our purpose on having this conference and attempting the summary of this plan is to make the undergraduate more aware of the proposal," he announced.

The Council makes many reports of interest to the student body and the faculty throughout the year.