World Increase in Price of Coffee Will Not Cut Student Consumption

Despite the world-wide rise in coffee prices, there will be no rationing of the beverage in the University dining halls, William A. Heaman, manager of the dining halls, said yesterday.

"The only effect the price rise will have on us", Heaman said, "is that we will have to pay more for our coffee. There will be no limit on the amount of coffee a student can drink."

Heaman disclosed that in a normal two-week period, the University consumes about 61,600 cups of coffee in the din-halls. At the normal rate of ten cents a cup this would cost $6,160.

Merchants in the Square were not passing the price rise on to their customers either, a survey showed yesterday. All of them seemed to keep to the usual ten cents a cup, although in some places patrons were urged to drink tea.

One luncheonette manager said that he doesn't want to "soak" his customers.

In other parts of the world, the rise in cost was being felt severely. In Brazil a cup now costs five times the normal amount, and in Brooklyn, N.Y., Borough President John Cashmore proclaimed a "coffee holiday" next Wednesday to try to bring down prices.