Tutor, 2 Students Save Third Floor In Winthrop Fire

Quick action on the part of two Winthrop House residents and a tutor prevented a blaze in J-35 from possibly gutting a whole floor last Saturday night.

J. Anthony Lukas '55, who first discovered the fire, Richard A. Levin '54, and Fine Arts instructor James W. Fowle confined the flames to one room and brought them under control with fire extinguishers before the arrival of the Cambridge Fire Department.

Firemen raised a ladder to the third floor window and completed the job of extinguishing the fire with fog-spray equipment. One wall and a section of floor were partially burned through, and a couch, a rug, and two pairs of skis were destroyed. Steven C. Swett '56 and William E. Lingelbach '56, residents of the room, estimated personal property damage at about $500.

Lukas was preparing to go to bed just after midnight when he smelled smoke.