Lilienthal Says Smith Fraud Charge False

Alfred M. Lilienthal yesterday vehemently denied a student's charge that he did not honor his offer to pay $500 to anyone who could disprove a statement in the Wednesday night lecture on the Middle East, in Littauer.

Lilienthal claimed that he fully answered a challenge by Taylor J. Smith '56, who stated that Egypt changed from a monarchy to a military dictatorship in 1953. Lilienthal had said in his address that Egypt became a republic in that year.

After supporting his statement with official Egyptian Government releases, Lilienthal said he thought the disagreement was settled. "Everyone that was there realized Smith was just playing around with words," he said yesterday after hearing of Smith's charge.

Charles A. Ferguson, lecturer in the Center of Middle Eastern Studies, who attended the talk, said yesterday he was in agreement with Lilienthal that there was no basis for argument.