Typical April weather is predicted for today's sports. Skies will be sunny and temperatures around 50 degrees on Soldiers Field. Strong northerly winds about 20 mph are forecast for the Charles River. And heavy clouds will cover Mt. Washington. No snow or rain is expected. Varsity Baseball vs., Brandeis  3 p.m. Soldiers Field Lacrosse vs. Tufts  2 p.m. Medford Rugby vs. New York  2:30 p.m. N.Y.C. Sailing vs. M.I.T.  1 p.m. Charles River Skiing vs Dartmouth  noon Mt. Wash. Tennis vs. M.I.T.  1:30 p.m. M.I.T. Freshmen Lacrosse vs. Deerfield  2 p.m. B-School Field Track vs. Andover  1:30 p.m. Andov'r