Killian Says M.I.T.'s Funds Not Adequate

Asks for Additional $2 Million Yearly

M.I.T.'s President James R. Killian, following the lead of the University's Nathan M. Pusey and Radcliffe's Wilbur K. Jordan, asserted yesterday that his school's funds are "critically inadequate," and need an income boost of at least two million dollars a year.

Thus within a six-month period all three major university presidents in Cambridge have said their schools are in very serious financial straits, and all have said that very sizeable amounts were necessary merely to "catch up" with present needs.

$40 Million

Last April, President Pusey told a very prominent alumni audience that the University needed at least $40 million for building purposes alone; additional money would be necessary for scholarships or for more professorships. He reiterated these needs at a meeting of Cambridge civic leaders in May.

Jordan has said that his school needs at least ten million dollars "to provide adequately for its present enrollment." He made this announcement at a meeting of Cedar Hill, Radcliffe's Student Government meeting.

Salary Problem

Killian's statement was made public in his eighth annual report as president.

A million dollars each year is needed just to relieve the institute's "exceptionally acute" salary problem, he said.

Another half million dollars is required annually to increase scholarships and other types of student aid, and another half million to support basic research, Killian added.