Crime Spring Comp Opens

Despite the Weather

It happens every winter, and every winter people wonder about it. Why, they say, why should the CRIMSON start spring competition when Cambridge is still ankle-deep in snow?

For those who are interested in finding out, the building at 14 Plympton St. will open its doors to prospective candidates Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m.

Appreciating the more delicate constitutions of the Radcliffe candidates and the large amounts of red tape they must go through to get late permissions, etc., CRIMSON editors have voted unanimously to make the Radcliffe competition less intensive than that for the College.

Candidates who have the proverbial "nose for news" will find the newsboard competition to their liking, and will have an opportunity to match wits on almost equal terms with some of the University's most tight-lipped administrators.

If anyone has a yen to photograph Miss Radcliffe candidates, or anything else for that matter, he will enjoy the company of equally dedicated artists in the CRIMSON's photo board competition.

Future Shylocks or Scrooge McDucks, however, will find their element on the business board with its $100,000 annual gross.